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Bowls and Didgeridoo


Bowls and Didgeridoo

By Amy Feger & Kirby Merrell


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upcoming dates on the following sundays: Sunday April 22nd 2018


Location: Ann Arbor Community of Bodywork Therapies: 1945 Paulind Blvd. Suite D, in Yoga room Upcoming New Locations starting in April: 1925 Pauline Blvd Suite F&G and possibly in Royal Oak as well!

Time: 7pm-8:30pm

RSVP via text at 313.854.8846 or join our meetup for upcoming events:


Float away in a dream state following the playing of an indian made drum, shamanic rattling and your basic cleansing rain stick sounds. Enjoying then a pure hour of quartz crystal bowls tuned to the basic 7 chakras by Amy Feger and then the Didgeridoo played by Kirby Merrell. Kirby brings a combination of heart and intention and a lifetime commitment to health and wellness. With his circular breathing technique you experience a consistent body vibration, which can be calming and stimulating. He has the ability to draw out the different frequencies of the instrument and your body takes what it needs for balancing.

Amy Learned how to play the bowls at Irenes Myomassology Institute having taken a sound vibration healing class. After playing for some time she has found her own unique way to play the bowls. After Irenes' Amy spent a couple years a devote meditator to the bowls being played out in Clawson and Royal Oak. From these experiences and the true belief of achieving a higher meditative state and having felt over the years how refreshing her energy felt after going to a bowls meditation. She believes everytime she went to a bowls meditation that it made her connection to the spiritual side that much clearer and meaningful. She has seen how others energy in the room has affected her energy as the bowls played. Eventually, she was able to clearly see spirit animals, follow her spirit guides on journeys and walk into others dream states as though viewing it in a movie.

Amy truly believes that everyones energy in the room has a direct affect on others in the room. So, If you are there with experienced energy workers their higher vibration actually mingle with yours and lift yours up. This happens, yes, in everyday life. Yet, it is highly amplified and quickly achieved when meditating in a group with the bowls as it begins to merge everyone in the room to a one booming vibe. She also knows that intention is critical while playing the bowls and keeping loving intentions and intentions of cleansing, clearing and opening the chakras is of utmost importance while playing. Since Amy has opened up to clairvoyance she can relate visuals she may have noticed during meditation. For a true feeling of oneness the bowls are worth a try. Amy has also played not only in Ann Arbor and assisted in teaching classes on sound vibration with Julia&Matt Briest at Irenes myomassology Institute.This year she will be teaching the class at Irenes.

She was also a guest player at the Awake and Empowered Expo in 2016 and at The Corinthians Center in Jackson Mi in 2017. Amy's goal is to help meditators open up to their extra senses during meditation and help people visualize to do some meditative Jouneying. Also to help others truly realize how ones intentions have greater meaning then we may really all realize. How all our thought and words really have an affect on others no matter the distance. Amy believes that by keeping an open mind and looking for verification and signs will help build the sound steps of belief. A belief in something more that will carry the explorer into a deeper tangible reality.

Amy is starting Quartz Crystal Bowls Chakra Balancing in groups on a more regular basis to encourage ann arbors friends and families a chance to experience the expansion.. On Reiki Sundays Shaman and Reiki Master Bruce Fagan will be assisting in holding the higher vibrations.

a great site to learn more about Chakras:


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