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Groupon/Living Social? Read Before booking.

Thank you for choosing to buy a Groupon/Living Social.

Groupons are for first massages only. All expired groupons will be accepted with an additional charge of the original price of the massage minus what you paid for the groupon. Please be prepared for this before receiving your massage

If more then one is purchased you are allowed to gift to others. Groupon has that as a choice to gift to others so their name will appear on the gifted groupon. If you are given a groupon as a gift you can only use one groupon for first massage groupon will not be accepted beyond that....


All Groupons/Living Social accepted must have the name of the person receiving the massage; first and last name. If not to let me know who gifted it to you so I have a name.

Groupons/Living Social with just a letter. blank or other will not be accepted... Due to verification reasons and non-repeat of the special offered. It is hard to verify the groupon with just a letter, first name or someone elses even.

The groupon/living social price is extreemly discounted for an introduction to the massage that I give.

(Groupon takes half of the price that you pay.)

If you would like to return after the intro massage I have specials. Please inquire about.


All seniors over the age of 65 will recieve massages for $35 for the hour.( at both locations)

The current special is 3 massages for $150 and that is a choice on on-line booking. (at both locations)

For clients returning beyond that...I have a client appreciation card with the next ten massages at a discounted price.

Please do not expect to have two seperate single groupon massages or more. When you purchase the two massage special (available in limited quantities) only then are you allowed to have two groupon massages.


If you have bought more then one groupon and have no desire to gift to another, please return it to Groupon.

Please have a printed copy or the groupon ready or on your phone when arriving. Expect an additional charge if your groupon is expired. This is usually around $35 as it is $75 for the massage minus what you paid groupon.

You can book online using your groupon...... their is a selection for expired groupons and regular groupons. Groupons are not accepted at the Packard A2 location (Tues,wed,thurs), yet, are accepted at the Shelby ann arbor location(fridays, saturdays, sundays, mondays)

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