Amy Feger LMT

Reiki Master

Reiki Share


with Bruce Fagan and Amy Feger

April 22nd 2018

5pm-6:30pm Location: 1945 Pauline Blvd. Suite D, Ann Arbor

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A2 Crystal Heart Initiate

From 5pm to 6:30pm in the Yoga room we are offering a Reiki share that is love offering based. Experienced and non-experienced are welcome. We are open to the many methods used to work with others energy. It is the good intentions and varied array of experiences that we can share with each other at this time to help each other grow. If you have no experience prepare to experience and those with experience we welcome to learn from you. 


A little about the hosts of this Reiki share; Bruce Fagan and Amy Feger 

Bruce Fagan has been doing energy work for over twenty years, with Nine Reiki Master attunments and the calling of being a Shaman teacher. You will surely experience new insights and your energy will continue to expand even after the session. Bruce is also an experienced remote viewer and can help guide unwanted entities that are within to the light. He can clear a building of unwanted entities and does remote energy work as well. Bruce offers remote viewing classes and initializes others into The Nine Rites of the Munay Ki. He offers classes upon request. Bruce also has many other energy work modalities. 

Amy Feger as a Certified Reiki Master, LMT and Shaman in the making, she works with Angelic Energies and Ascended Masters Energies tapping into your spiritual space to share psychic insights. Together she will work with you to step into your spiritual story and symbolically help you open your energy uniquely for you. Amy leaves herself open to receive messages that are of the highest importance to the individual she is working with. Taping into scenes of past lives and working with the scenes with you. She also symbolically works with the scenes the spiritual side presents concerning your general energy related to your messages coming through from past away loved ones. A unique experience that was acquired from opening to Reiki and shamanic initializations and deep meditative states that has allowed her to have a unique ability to quickly tap into your spiritual story. She also applies Reiki techniques to help with your energy blocks and depletions. Upon Request she can apply the Rattle that is spiritually guided and applied within your aura or visualize your spirit animal that is waiting for you to discover it's message among other things. She can also receive messages from pictures of past away loved ones or people who just want a reading that are alive. Amy also plays the crystal bowls to help bring others to a meditative state with loving intentions as she plays. Amy also gives guided meditations to help others begin to feel and sense their spiritual meditative spaces.


After the Reiki share...

7pm-8:30pm for $20 join Amy, Bruce and others for a sound vibrational experience.

Before the Reiki share from 12-5 you can request a one hour session with Bruce and Amy, call for details: 313.854.8846




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