Amy Feger LMT
Reiki Master
Services and Rates


$75 Hr


Reiki & Visionary Energy Work 

  $65    1hr.


7-Quartz Crystal Bowls 20min. plus 40min. Reiki



for two hour appointments, just select two one hour appointments in a row.



Seniors (65 or older) & Veterans  First massage special $45

Pkg. Deal for Return Clients, 3-1hr Massages for $150

Chair Massage on walk in days (listed on front page) 30 minutes / $30

Visionary Energy Work on walk in days (listed on front page) 30minutes / $30

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Swedish Massage

 Applying light, medium or deep pressure efflorage. The affect is for relaxation, overall circulation and to help melt away stress. This can include stomach massage, face massage and foot reflexology upon request.


Myofascial Release, Swedish Massage Combo

This massage begins with half the time being myofascial release techniques, which helps release the superficial fascia in turn releasing deeper fascia and tension areas while adding Swedish massage for relaxation.



Deep Tissue with Swedish Massage Combo

Deep Tissue massage is used primarily on clients selected areas of concern. Deep pressure is used to release the muscle, as well as, trigger point techniques and muscle release techniques. In turn the muscle is released yet, is sometimes sore afterwards. This is then combined with light, medium or deep pressure massage to help surrounding area muscles to relax. Sometimes it takes several sessions to create the relief the client is searching for.


Reiki and or Visionary Energy Work   

Visionary Energy work is Unique to Amy in that she is open to visualize for the client different energy imprints that they carry with them through their soul experience and DNA memories. Amy Best describes this as if stepping into a virtual reality scene and being able to press pause and change the scene through intention. Amy leaves herself open to what the universe would like to show her about each client. She likes to let the client know what she sees and ask what they would like to do. Sometimes the energies of the body have split scenes. It's like walking into the imprints of time that you carry with you wherever you go.

This tapping in to scenes may lead to past life experiences that are repeated and shown. Soul fractions of events that occured in the past and a bit of your energy that is still left at the scene of where the event occured. Amy has the ability to bring the scene into the room and help the client return back into their soul fraction. This allows the client too reclaim energy that has been fractioned.

Amy also sees symbolic messages that help one unblock and flow more freely on their current paths . Amy has the ability to tap into, pause, bring forward and step into these memories of current and past life events.The Transparency of the scenes shown in the room range from 20 percent to 90 percent in clarity. She shares with the clients what she sees. They work together to change the scene to the more loving and symbolic releasing of all involved in it. This includes seeing if any weapons were used that have inflicted previous wounds in the soul body that currently affects the now energy.

You may be surprised to know where your soul has been and what your DNA carries from space. Working in love and peace with all beings seen. Keeping to universal laws of love. This is always an intense experience and the symbology allows the client to keep their privacy. Amy is only shown what the universe wants to show her for the clients greatest and highest good.

Uniquely named visionary energy work. Amy also teaches how to open to seeing in this unique way. In addition Amy can read photos of passed away loved ones for messages symbolically and sometimes can see them for clients if they happen to be there. Yet her passion is to help others find their unique ways to work with energy. Sometimes this is also shown to Amy when she works with a client.


Amy also teaches the sound vibration healing class at Irene's myomassology institute. Where she opens up students to have a foundation to connect and visualize for others while using quartz crystal bowls that amplify their intentions and unique connections. Having taught approximately 70 plus students at Irenes thus far.




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