Amy Feger LMT
Reiki Master

Services and Rates

MASSAGE  $75 hr. 

ENERGY WORK  $65 hr.


First Massage with Amy is $45 (Special with no coupons)

Pkg. Deal:  3 massages or Reiki Sessions for $150 (pd. $50 at time of each massage)


Certain Sundays only:

ENERGY WORK Combo with Amy Feger & Bruce Fagan:

30m $60 // 1hr $110 // 90m $120


(Ask about the Customer appreciation card for return client discounts.)






Swedish Massage

 Applying light, medium or deep pressure Swedish massage. The affect is for relaxation, overall circulation and to help melt away stress. This can include stomach massage, face massage and foot reflexology upon request.


Myofascial Release/Swedish massage or deep tissue combo

This massage begins with half the time being myofascial release techniques, which helps release the superficial fascia in turn releasing deeper fascia and tension areas while adding Swedish massage for relaxation.



Deep Tissue massage with swedish massage combo

Deep Tissue massage is used primarily on clients selected areas of concern. Deep pressure is used to release the muscle, as well as, trigger point techniques and and muscle release techniques. In turn the muscle is released yet, is sometimes sore afterwards. This is then combined with light,medium or deep pressure massage to help surrounding area muscles to allow the concerning muscles to relax. Sometimes it takes several sessions to create the relief the client is searching for.




Energy Work   


An Energy technique based on the principle that the therapist connects to Chi and allows the energy to flow to the client. Each  practitioner is uniquely sensitive to the clients energy. Amy is especially sensitive via the Byosen Reiki technique. Which allows her to sense intuitively where energy is lacking. The client can either request to hear what she senses along the way or just receive the Reiki in silence and allow what may to unfold from the energy experience. Amy is a Reiki Master and works to clear the clients chakras intuitively and works specifically to unblock areas of the body that are lacking energy flow. As each client is unique, so is the energy story we all hold. Amy will provide a sheet on concerning energy areas to the client to be worked on. The client is fully clothed during these sessions and this is a non-touch energy experience for the client.( trained by Eve Wilson and Sue-Burton-Hidalgo.)


Kahi Loa

This energy work comes from traditional energy work of Hawaii. Amy is trained in this energy technique which together the client participates along with the practitioner to tap into a common energy stream of thought. These common thoughts include plants, stones, people, animals, water, fire. The client closes their eyes and visions their particular item as the practitioner envisions this common energy source and applies over the body intuitively. The client will often notice a change around their selected item which in turn represents the change happening in their body. The suns energy is intuitively used to draw energy in and the spiral is used to draw out from concerning areas of the body. Amy was trained with this technique at Irenes Myomassology Institute of Southfield, MI.



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